Reagan Gearhart - "I was lucky enough to go on a cruise organized, and led by Jim West.  The trip was amazing and after a bad cruising experience as a child, it really opened my eyes to how great cruising is.  The whole vacation was delightful, and the team at Travel West made sure that everyone in the group had everything they needed to have an amazing time, with absolutely none of the stress that usually accompanies planning a vacation.  Make one call and you'll have a ball! "
Ken Bouchard - "I recently went on safari in Kenya. What an amazing experience! Each day we were treated to a new and exciting adventure which included seeing animals, experiencing the local people and sharing their life styles. We also met new travelers whom embraced our friendship and made the entire trip even more fruitful!

Thanks to TravelWest for making our dreams come true!"
Jan & Ed Hayman- "This was truly a trip of a lifetime. The accommodations were top notch. The food was good and the safari guides were friendly and very knowledgeable about the area we were in. Of course we saw the big 5 and that was exciting. Our group was small, which I liked. Jim made our trip a great experience and we felt very safe the entire time we were there. I would highly recommend this trip."
Christine Uebel - "Traveled with the Sei Cigini (Six Cousins) to Roma & Tuscany 2 years ago with our most wonderful tour guide, Jim West :) Had never considered going on a "group tour" before but now wouldn't do without the expertise of such a knowledgeable person as Jim. We all felt so relaxed & so well taken care of. Can't imagine a trip abroad without Jim West. We have already booked Germany & Bavaria for this coming June & are so looking forward to another adventure. The pleasure was all ours :)"
Maurene - "I went on 3 cruises, Mexico, New England and the Carbbean. All were amazing, fun and a great balance of R&R, see and do, and fun on the ship."
Tom & Deb Morrelle, Howards Grove, WI - "Travel West - 2012 Ireland, My wife and I joined our church music department director and members for a "fun" tour of Ireland. We are frequent travelers to Europe and had been to Ireland previously but decided to join the music department tour due to the very interesting itinerary Jim West had arranged for us.  We were not disappointed!  Travel West tours are not run of the mill by any stretch. Jim included delightful accommodations in beautiful settings in green and lush Ireland.  Our first stay was at a 5 star golf resort where the food and lodging were outstanding and the day trips from the resort took us to amazing historical locations that few tourists get to visit.  We stopped at beautiful picture perfect locations that other tours never find, unusual coastal locations perched high over the sea with breathtaking vistas, small villages with tiny thatched roof homes and quaint shops and pubs, and hotels and restaurants that the locals use.  Every day was an exciting adventure, off the beaten path of most tours.  We returned home with a feeling that we saw  and experienced the "real" Ireland, thanks to the experienced driver and escort provided by Jim West/TravelWest.  We highly recommend TravelWest for the traveler who wants more than the standard tourist experience. "
Dale & Marie Downing- "While it has been quite awhile since we took this trip it was one of the most memorable - we had first class accommodations staying at the Peninsula Hotel in Beijing. The tours were by bus and Mr. West did a wonderful job of getting us all to participate - many of the meals were included as well as a meal in a private residence in the Hutong Beijing, China. All for a very favorable price. "
Annette Levey - "Jim West's tours are the best ever! My trips with him to China,  India, Kenya, Bali & Peru were so fascinating & enjoyable. He made sure everyone was well cared for & had the best in-country guides. I look forward to many more trips with him! "
Terry Dimon - "I know when I book a trip with Travel West it will be well planned and a good value for my money.  I can leave all my responsibilities and cares at home. "
Lisa Wowchuk - "AWFUL.....HORRIBLE......Alrighty....now that I got your attention....please read on.  Picture this....December 2013 ......a very sad female feeling hopeless and alone, with no direction in her life.  She's wondering "How do I build my life after this?"  What?  Soon to-be-twice-divorcee, dealing with all the emotional and mental baggage that she had to deal with the physical abuse.  What now?  Here she lies in her bed (albeit in her parents' basement, unfinished to boot, with 1 dog and 2 cats sharing a small bedroom). Here she comes across a website promising adventure and travel to Italy in March 2013.  She cries out "HECK YES" and in the process scares the heck out of her pets.  Fast forward......This same female (now living on her own!) boards a plane ALL BY HERSELF to meet up with the tour group in Florence, Italy.  She is scared beyond her wits and all she can think of is....."What have I gotten myself into?"    She meets up with the group.  First she meets Jim West.  She watches him cross the room and introduces herself.  She feels an instant connection.  What a wonderful man!  The next week is one of the most wonderful weeks of her life.  Good company, great conversation, breathtaking scenery, and awesome food!!!! Here she was before the trip....scared, terrified of traveling alone, lonely.  During the trip.......relaxed, joyful, serene.  The trip was fantastic to her.....or should I say MYSELF.  We were treated wonderfully. I can't say enough positive things about Travel West.....you have to discover it for yourself.   So......whenever I am feeling "blue", I buy a bottle of sparkling water from Italy.....pour myself a glass, close my eyes, and think of the restaurants I was in, savor the bubbles as they play on my tongue and toast many happiness to Jim and staff for all the hard work they do.  I always tell people this......"I went on my Italian tour as a 'broken' person but come back whole.  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!! "
Susan Haftel- "Travel West is a class act. No detail is overlooked; every traveler is treated as family. On both Travel West trips I've enjoyed, the group bonded and friendships were forged. Jim is a loving, caring individual with a quick joke and a warm hug for all. Our African Expedition was the trip of a lifetime. The safaris were fun; the accommodations were first-rate; and the food was really good. If I had one criticism of my trip, it would be that it was not long enough. "
Terry Dimon- "The trip was all I had imagined it would be and more!"
Barbara Witzel- "This was a trip of a lifetime. I can't believe I was really there. To be so close to the animals was the best experience I have ever had on vacation."
Steve Bouchard- "Very well organized. We saw pretty much what I expected to see as far as the animals go."
Pete Rector - "Travel West exceeded our expectations in every way. Logistics were pretty much seamless in an area of the world where that tends not to happen a lot of the time, the exposure to the culture of the areas we visited was a delightful plus, and the extras (hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara at dawn for example) were well planned and executed. The value was all there and more, made even better by Jim West's personal thumbprint on every detail. We were ready to go again the minute we landed back in the States. Travel West is my new best friend."
Sherry Leonatti, Dalzell, Illinois-"If your desire is to go to Tuscany and enjoy the best week of your traveling days ,by all means choose Travel West. The adventure begins when you step on the bus because the first thing you will do with Jim is sing "That's Amore" and the next 7 days are delightful. You see all the cities you have dreamed about and other little quaint places he knows. After each fun day you have lots of time on your own with no pressure. Each day is packed full and unforgetable.  I brought my daughter this year and she wondered if there would be people her age.  There were but she really fell in love with the entire group and said it was one of the best things she will do in her life. You will feel safe and pampered with Jim as he has done this tour many times. The visits to the wineries and cooking lesson are fabulous. The goodbye dinner brought tears to many in the group. Treat yourself and go with the best, Travel West."
Laurie Rentschler, Paw Paw, MI- "Our trip to Tuscany was fantastic. We never would have been able to see that many sights in that short of a period of time. Jim is a pleasure to travel with - he has a great sense of humor, always was looking out for everyone, and is a good singer as well."
Michael and Nanette Willand, Oglesby, IL- "An absolute well designed trip. Travel West took care of every detail for everyone. as busy as we were, and sometimes tired, Jim made everyday enjoyable. He is a great host. I would not change a thing."
Merilyn Dwornik, Blanchardville, WI- "Wonderful, loved every second, saw so any wonderfu sights, learned so much history, and could not have traveled with a nicer bunch of people if i had picked them my self."
Dawn Doran, - "It was a wonderful trip! The city tours were very informational and a great way to hear about the city and it's history. There was plenty of time to enjoy each city on your own."
Eileen Schwanke, Waupaca, WI - "The Tuscany tour with Jim West was a perfect mix of fun, food, wine, history and gorgeous scenery! Never a dull moment or a disapointment as Jim planned well and seemed to anticipate any need that might arise. I've never taken a more enjoyable trip and would recommend traveling with Jim West anywhere in the world!"
Michele Willand, Papillion, NE- "Amazingly fun and just plain dreamy, loved every second."
Stacey Hunter, Portage, MI- "This was a fantastic trip. Jim was knowledgeable about the areas we traveled and was able to tell us good things to know as we made our way around each stop."
Michele Kittleson, Mount Horeb, WI - "I truly enjoyed the tour! The city guides were great and Jim was a fun tour guide!"
Pam Zeman, Oglesby, IL- "It was a great trip! From Jim west to the food and day trips I had a wonderful time. But what really made the trip were all the other people on our tour. What a good mix of people. I enjoyed meeting them all!"
Jerry & Cathy Byerly, Matthews, NC- "This tour was everything that was promised and more. Jim West was a great tour leader and a pleasure to be around. We compared this trip with several comparable trips with other tour operators and Travel West was by far the better value. We had a great experience from start to finish and may do this same tour again."
Michael Crowley, Spring Valley, IL- "This is the second Tuscany Tour that my wife and I have taken with Jim, and it just keeps getting better. I especially enjoyed the addition of the four lands to the agenda, although I did miss the trip to Assisi we had on the first tour."
Debbie Peck, Parkersburg, WV- "This was our first trip out of the country (United States), it could not have been better! Everything was taken care of, suggestions was even given to us on where to go as we were in Ireland 2 days before we met our tour group at Dublin airport. We went to Belfast (Northern Ireland) and enjoyed so much of hearing about the history of Ireland. Travel West Tours with Jim made sure we hit all the places you would want to see when in Ireland. I will definitely come back again with Travel West, Jim and his travel agency takes care of everything and leaves nothing for you to worry about only enjoy the beauty and fun times of the tour. Thanks again ever so much Jim and Travel West, your the best!!!"
Sarah Kester, Rochester, MN- "Ireland was an amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip. We greatly enjoyed our experience which was greatly enhanced with the help of our amazing leader Jim West, our fantastic guide Johnny, and our wonderful group of people."
Pat Jackson, Cumberland, RI- "This was my first trip to Ireland-awesome! The cities visited, Galway, Dublin and Killarney were just beautiful! Jim made sure that everyone made it "their own tour", including a stop at a quilt shop for the few quilters on board. Couldn't have asked for better all around-we will definitely travel with Jim again!"
Elaine Benfield, Estero, FL- "Jim sets the tone for a relaxed and fun trip. He is very accommodating to everyone's needs. Our hotels and meals were first class, bus and driver were first class, and the sights we took in were beautiful and interesting. I look forward to another trip with Jim in the near future and highly recommend is tours!!"
Ginger O'Connor, Marietta, OH- "The Enchanting Ireland tour was everything and more than I expected. Jim is a fun and accommodating your guide. We traveled many miles in a short period of time and saw vignettes of this amazing country throughout our stay. I have a high stress and high energy job that requires constant thinking and adjusting of my day. To have a week where I did not have to think or wonder what was going to happen next equals an amazing vacation! Thank you Jim and TravelWest for this tour. We will be back!"
Diane Podolak, Peru, IL- "I had a wonderful time on my recent trip. I deeply appreciated the efforts Jim made to help me see so much of Ireland despite my physical limitations. We saw bustling Dublin, historic ruins, fantastic vistas & met warm wonderful people."
Nancy Coleman, Marietta, OH - "This tour was so many things that say "Great Vacation" to me. The accommodations were top notch and it is a real plus to be able to stay more that one night in the same place. The food was excellent, our bus driver was very knowledgeable about Irish history and all the areas of the country we travelled. This tour offered a comfortable amount of "structure" but it was never smothering. We had many opportunities throughout the week to choose where (or if) we wanted to go ( especially in the towns/cities) and how we wanted to get there. I could happily take this tour again and make different choices for my "free time"."
Lucy Harville, Central Point,OR- "Lovely country, great way to see it and not have to worry about anything."
Patricia Babcock, Mountain Home, AR- "This was my first trip to Ireland and hopefully not my last. The tour was very organized that we were able to see so many sites and places. There is so much to see that you know you will just have to come back again to see more. I am just now going through my photos. I have printed out 1600, that is with choosing 900 that didn't get printed. (At least for now!) The only regret is that I didn't tape all the stories and info that Jim West and Johnny, our bus driver, gave. I have always wanted to go to Ireland and so glad I went on this tour with some of my friends."
Ryan and Natalie Nolan, Sheboygan Falls, WI - "We very much enjoyed our tour of Germany, Austria and Bavaria. We enjoyed each place we toured and were able to plan additional sites during the afternoons."
Lynn Pufahl, Lacon, IL- "It was an awesome tour. Everything was planned perfectly. All I had to do was sit back and enjoy. I will definitely encourage others to go on this any other tours by Jim West. First class all the way!!"
Mike Roeder, Sheboygan, WI - "Very relaxing, and well done."
Barbara Progar, Sheboygan, WI - "All details were covered so completely, had excellent rooms, the best meals ever, great bus driver, and our tour guides were awesome, and will travel with every chance I get! Clearly, one of the best trips to Europe I've ever had! Thanking you soooooo much Jim West."
Roberta Henson, Peru, IL - "It exceeded my expectations."
Mary Krepsky, Sheboygan, WI - "The trip was excellent. Arrangements were well-planned out and the people on the tour were so helpful and we had so much fun!"
Christine Uebel, Peru, IL - "Well planned & executed. Felt so taken care of & pampered which made a beautiful trip even more enjoyable!"
Frederick Strassburger, Sheboygan, WI - "It was so great to visit a few sites that I had seen 40 years ago as a high school senior. But it was great that this trip included a lot of places that I have never visited before."
Meganne Pierson Bristol, Wisconsin - "Great trip and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Wasn't sure I would like traveling with a tour group, but was pleasantly surprised. Pace of trip was quick, but we covered a substantial amount of the country in 7 days. There was a good variety of places to see and things to do. The town of Killarney was my favorite and I could have spent days walking around the National Park across from the hotel. Thank you for a wonderful trip!"
Mary Lou Garland Tiskilwa, Illinois - "The Ireland tour was great. All the small towns we visited were beautiful. We were able to tour a marble factory, crystal factory, woolen store & saw old castles."
Michael Crowley Spring Valley, Illinois - "Having been to Ireland a number of times previously, a few of the places we visited were familiar to me. However, we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the hotels and the number of places we visited in a relatively short time of one week. Agnes, our tour guide, did a great job especially considering that this was her first Ireland tour. She was well assisted by our bus driver Con who was able to point out some of the better pubs in the various towns, etc. We enjoyed it so much that we have signed up for Agnes's tour of Poland this September."
Donna Felter Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania - "It was a lovely trip. I really enjoyed myself."
Patricia Costa Floral Park, New York - "Trip was well planned and very interesting."
Susan Clark Ancona, Illinois - "A wonderful value for the money."
Rose Marie Mack Peru, Illinois - "Had a wonderful time. I was working out financing the next trip before I got on the plane to come home."
Don Armstrong Wheaton, Illinois - "It was a very enjoyable trip with a great group of people. I especially liked the fact that the group was not too large."
Dorothy Stella, Fairbanks, Alaska - "First I want to say our guides were tremendous. Knowledgeable pleasant and eager to help when needed. The Chopin concert was a real treat . Coming from Polish ancestry the food was outstanding and the little out of the way places were excellent. This was shared with Jola and Agnes. Thank you again for a wonderful time.I would consider using Jim West tours again in the future."
Sara Borr, Norristown, Pennsylvania - "Loved the trip. Have been to Poland several times before but most of what we saw was new for me. Loved the Salt Mine tour, excellent guide,. Also the stop at the wood carver the the lady who painted was an added treat. First trip to Poland was in 1984 and went to see the Black Madonna but it was so crowded never saw it. 31 years later I finally saw the painting."
Jennie Beach, San Antonio, Texas - "This trip was very educational. I learned a lot of things about the way Jews were treated during WWII. I didn't realize the magnitude of devastation done to Poland. Jola, our guide, was excellent. We learned about the history of Polland back to the 12th century. She was awesome."
Pat Fox, Fairbanks, Alaska - "I loved the country in general. However, I found that our guides, Jola and Agnes went above and beyond to enhance our experience. "
Karen Uridel, Mentor, Ohio - "This was a trip I was looking forward to because I am Polish. The guides were outstanding, very knowledgable and accommodating."
Mary Lou Garland, Tiskilwa, Illinois - "Very informative tour; Agnes was again a great guide & our new guide Jola was able to give a great history of Poland since she was from Poland"
Pat Drumm, Davenport, Iowa - "Fun, well organized, lots of personal attention"
Verla Wulf, Grand Mound, Iowa - "This was a wonderful tour and we had the most fantastic tour guide. She was so helpful and pleasant all the time."
Karen S. Walker, Warrenton, Virginia - "Great trip, well planned and Agnes (tour guide) and Adriano (driver) are the best."
Ken Waugh, Girdwood, Alaska - "The tour gave us a great overview of Ireland and both Agnes and Con were fabulous"
Kathy Bonnell, Sterling, Illinois - "Great tour, great group! Nice variety of activities."